City of Egmont

The mortal remains of Lamoral, Count of Egmont, and his lady Sabine of Bavaria, lays  in the crypt of the parish church.

Two (!) statues, two fine paintings and several signs commemorate the unfortunate count. 

From a cultural-historical point of view Zottegem has even a lot more to boast of such as the enchanting 18th-century castle of Leeuwergem, built in het middle of a cool pond.

Some of the splendidly preserved churches are worth a visit too : the parish church is famous for its rococo-tower and fine carillon, Velzeke is proud of its Carolingian chancel, in Sint-Goriks-Oudenhove there are grim "iron" masks in the church wall and the church of Godveerdegem fades away into the surrounding landscape.

More sightseeing can be done along the large farmhouses and majestic mansions built in Art Deco and Art Nouveau, the many statues each with its own story, and the witnesses of our industrial past such as the old brewery "De Klok" (The Bell) and the closed-down factory "Sanitary Underwear".

In the Folklore Museum you can enjoy the sphere of days long past.

And last but not least there is the Provincial Archaeological Museum of South East-Flanders in Velzeke. Here you experience an exciting journey, starting from the prehistory, via the Gallo-Romans to the early middle ages.