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Stay in one of the B&B's, vacation homes or youth hostels in Zottegem and enjoy our beautiful region.

City of Egmont

A castle, a crypt, two statues, two fine paintings and several signs commemorate Lamoral, Count of Egmont.

Egmont Castle

The Egmont Castle and its surrounding park determine the panorama of the town centre. It was the sixteenth century residence of Egmont.

Exciting town

Zottegem always held a central function as an exciting town with a busy shopping- and servicecentre.

Gate of the Flemisch Ardennes

The Gate of the Flemish Ardennes offers great possibilities for the nature-lover and the more active tourist.

The domain of Breivelde

The Domain of Breivelde presents a 19th century garden with more than 190 trees, including 54 different species and varieties.

The Egmont crypt

The mortal remains of Lamoral, Count of Egmont, and his lady Sabine of Bavaria, lays in the crypt of the parish church.