Gate of the Flemish Ardennes

Zottegem lays at the foot of the sloping Flemish Ardennes, which is symbolized by a fine statue in the town centre.

The Gate of the Flemish Ardennes offers great possibilities for the nature-lover and the more active tourist.

As mentioned before there is the castle of Leeuwergem with its wonderful parc and the internationally famous open air theatre.

The Domain of Breivelde presents a 19th-century romantic garden, which has grown into a real arboretum, containing 54 different kinds of rare trees. 

From the flat landscape in the north west to the steep hilly country in the south east the scenery breathes a spirit of quiet and serenity.

To help the tourist enjoy all this beauty several walks and bicycle tracks have been traced out. Following them you come along several nice little valleys where you might spot a lonesome kingfisher or a snooping fox. You also encounter a few still working mills and some small woods, where you find peace and quiet.

Zottegem is also well-known for its rough cycling circuit: bumpy cobbles and a few steep hills are to be conquered.