Tourism (EN)

Regional informationdesk/VVV-office: Cityhall
Markt 1, 9620 Zottegem
Telephone: +32 9 364 64 64
Fax: +32 9 364 64 79

Office hours

Monday to friday: 8:00Hr - 12:00Hr and 13:30Hr - 16:00Hr
From may 1st untill september 15th:
Monday to friday: 8:00Hr - 12:00Hr and 13:30Hr - 16:00Hr 
Saturday: 10:00Hr - 12:00Hr and 13:00Hr - 15:00Hr
Sunday: 9:00Hr - 13:00Hr.


Zottegem, situated in the south-east of East-Flanders, offers the tourist a wide range of possibilities.
City of Egmont, Gate of the Flemish Ardennes, Exciting Town.

These are the highlights of our marvellous little town.


Gate of the Flemish Ardennes: The Gate of the Flemish Ardennes offers great possibilities for the nature-lover and the more active tourist. From the flat landscape in the north west to the steep hilly country in the south east the scenery breathes a spirit of quiet and serenity.

Exciting Town: Zottegem is a very exciting town, with a busy shopping- and service-centre; for a long time past it has always held a central function for the surrounding villages. An exciting town likes to keep its folk traditions alive and that is exactly what Zottegem does.

City of Egmont: The mortal remains of Lamoral, Count of Egmont, and his lady Sabine of Bavaria, lays in the crypt of the parish church. Two (!) statues, two fine paintings and several signs commemorate the unfortunate count.

The domain of Breivelde: The Domain of Breivelde presents a 19th century garden with more than 190 trees, including 54 different species and varieties. It is a clear example of the romantic style in which the wild natural beauty has been respected.